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The Nations That Consume The Most Beer Worldwide

 Although it's no secret that Americans love beer, did you realize that we don't even rank in the top 10? Yes, we are about to learn a lot about our preferred beverage from some other nations. But don't worry; despite the fact that they can consume more beer than we can, all of those nations are our close friends and continue to love us. Let's look at some of the nations that enjoy beer the most!


The largest beer market in the world, as it has been for some time, is China. There were 830 million beer consumers in this nation in 2015, making it the one with the most beer drinkers overall. Since 1991, when China surpassed Germany as the world's largest consumer of alcoholic beverages (including wine), the country has seen steady growth in its beer consumption, which has climbed by 4.5% in the last year. With such a vast drinking population, China is home to several breweries that produce more than 2,500 distinct types of beer annually, more than any other nation on Earth.


Brazil produces and exports more beer than any other country in the world, and a number of its national brands are available abroad. Since Portuguese colonizers brought their own recipes with them in the sixteenth century, the nation has a long history of beer production. Brazilians consume a remarkable 142 liters of beer annually per person, more than any other alcoholic beverage.
The Nations That Consume The Most Beer Worldwide

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Like me, you might not have known that Russia is the world's largest nation. Additionally, beer production and drinking there have a lengthy history. Since at least the ninth century AD, when Slavic tribes started to cultivate hops for their beer recipes, beer has been made there. Russia now produces 2% more beer than Germany does worldwide! With a population of over 144 million, there are a lot of thirsty Russians who enjoy drinking beer, and they do so rather frequently: some estimates place Russian beer consumption per capita at over 50 liters annually, one of the highest rates on Earth!


Mexico is the second-largest consumer of beer in the world and the fifth-largest producer of beer overall. In fact, they have the greatest annual per capita water use in the world at nearly 100 liters! Since 2009, beer consumption in Mexico has increased, and by 2020, it is anticipated to rise by 2%.

America's United States:

In the world, the United States is second only to China in terms of beer consumption. It makes natural that Americans would drink a lot of beer given that they have a population of over 300 million and the largest economy on Earth. They prefer craft brews over mass-produced lagers like Budweiser or Coors Light (all of which are domestically brewed), but they don't just drink a lot of any old beer. American beer production dates back to the Colonial era, when English settlers brought their own recipes from England and started brewing them locally using local ingredients like corn instead of barley or wheat malt flour instead of hops, which were initially unavailable but later became available through trade with Europe after independence from British rule was won in 1783 following victory by General George Washington against British forces led by General Charles Cornwallis.


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